Stories of Empowerment

Tahoe SAFE Alliance staff, board, volunteers and donors come together to impact the lives of women, men, teens, and boys and girls in our community.

We advocate safety, change and empowerment in our clients and celebrate their successes. We are pleased to share with you their stories of empowerment.


“I want you to know that here at the North Tahoe Boys & Girls Club I personally mentor 4 middle to high school girls.  Last week one of them mentioned she had participated in the Tahoe SAFE Alliance session held at North Tahoe Middle School where you discussed pressures put upon girls for intimacy.  She and I happened to be discussing intimacy when she said….”you know I was involved with a group today called (and then she pulled out your yellow handout) Tahoe SAFE Alliance and they talked about this stuff… was really cool.”  She said she found it really interesting and thought it was very good and helpful for girls her age.

So this note of thanks to both of you and your organization for getting into the schools on essential topics like this.  I felt it was important to let you know that you “touched” a 14 year-old middle school female who found your presentation enlightening and educational and was willing to talk about it with her friends and me.  Tahoe SAFE Alliance touched a middle school girl and had an impact.  Thank you for everything you do for this community. ~ Isabelle, Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe


At 10 years of age, Mona was a victim of sexual assault which seriously traumatized her.  When she came to Tahoe SAFE Alliance she was spending a lot of time alone.  She didn’t smile. She didn’t laugh.  She had no interest in friends.   She didn’t like herself and was suffering from low self-esteem and poor body image.

As part of Mona’s therapy, we enrolled her in our Yoga Group.  At the outset, she was so shy she could not say her name out loud to the group.  She wouldn’t interact with the instructor or with the other children.  She did not put forth the effort to learn yoga poses.  As soon as she made one small mistake, she usually gave up and sat down.  She preferred to quit before failing or possibly being judged. 

We gave Mona a lot of attention and positive reinforcement and before long we noticed positive changes in her behavior.  One day, the yoga instructor kept making funny faces and tipping over so that Mona would realize that mistakes are a fun and normal part of yoga practice.  At the next class, Mona confidently articulated her name to the rest of the group.  She even said she would practice some of the more difficult moves at home to prepare for the next class!  By the last class, Mona was able to demonstrate the Wheel Pose before the group – this was her greatest yoga challenge.

 We are so pleased with Mona’s progress and to see such a dramatic change in her new-found confidence that now radiates into all facets of her life! ~ Tahoe SAFE Alliance Children’s Program Manager


“When I arrived at the Safe House, I had very low self-esteem.  I had no idea the lasting detrimental effects of domestic violence on my daughter.  I am so thankful for the kind and caring staff that gave me a safe place to live and taught me the importance of making healthy choices for my family.  They made me understand that I didn’t have to live in fear every day of my life.  They empowered me to get a job and make positive steps to gaining my independence.  I am now able to live on my own and take care of my family.  I am so grateful for Tahoe SAFE Alliance and the staff at the Safe House.” ~ Sally, former Safe House Client


“I contacted Tahoe SAFE Alliance at the advice of a friend who was tired of seeing me in an emotionally controlling and abusive relationship for five years.  My worst fear came true and my husband found out I was seeking support and resources and the threats began.  After several more months, I finally found the courage to make changes and against his wishes became employed. But the more time I spent away from home the worse he became.  I was at the end of my ropes when I went back to Tahoe SAFE Alliance.  They were a godsend and let me stay in the Safe House while the legal advocate helped me get a protection order.  She assisted me in filing for a divorce and helped me secure legal representation.  Because of Tahoe SAFE Alliance and their competent legal advocate I’ve relocated and started a new life.” ~Former Tahoe SAFE Alliance client

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