Stalking is a potentially life threatening crime and should be taken seriously. It is a course of behavior that is obsessive and harrassing that causes the victim to fear for his/her safety and the safety of their friends or family members.

What does stalking look like?

  • Repeated phone calls (including hang-ups)  and making annoying or threatening phone calls
  • Vandalism of your property
  • Following you or showing up at places you frequent
  • Drive bys of your home, work, school, friends, etc.
  • Gathers information on you via the Internet, post office, employer, school
  • Sends letters, gifts, photographs, mementos
  • Makes false police reports against you
  • Contact of family, friends, employer
  • Violating restraining/stay away orders
  • Spying and taking photographs

What to do if you think you are being stalked:

  • Document, document, document! Keep a incident and telephone log or personal diary
  • Personal – be aware of surroundings
  • Residential – change locks, residential alarm, notify neighbors
  • Workplace – notify employer, co-workers, security
  • Vehicle – look around, under, and in car before entering and then close door, lock car and start ignition
  • Look into obtaining a restraining order
  • Call Tahoe SAFE Alliance 24-hour Helpline at 800-736-1060

How can you help?

Know the issues and get involved.  January is National Stalking Awareness Month.  Help us raise awareness in our community by donating, volunteering or sponsoring an event.  Send an email to to get involved.


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