Our mission is to end the incidence and trauma of intimate partner/domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee.


We envision a community free of violence where healthy relationships thrive and everyone is treated equally with dignity and respect.


Tahoe SAFE Alliance believes every person has the right to live a life free of violence and abuse.  The core of our beliefs is that violence is a learned behavior and therefore it can be prevented.  Through education, advocacy and engaging everyone in our cause, we can create violence-free communities where healthy relationships thrive.

Tahoe SAFE Alliance Values

Social Justice:  Through education and advocacy we foster empowerment of victims, survivors, staff and the community to create positive social change.

Integrity:  We promote honesty and sincerity.  We encourage truthful dialogue and ethical conduct among clients, staff and the community.

Leadership:  We seek leaders who are committed to our mission and values, foster empowerment of others and serve as role models and mentors.

Confidentiality:  We provide a safe and trusting environment for individuals to begin the healing process.  We participate in mandatory reporting when required.

Legacy: We honor the feminist movement that laid the foundation for Tahoe SAFE Alliance, we move forward with a diverse understanding and approach to end intimate partner/domestic and sexual violence.

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