Tahoe SAFE Alliance is dedicated to serving everyone in the community who are victims of domestic/intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.  If someone is hurting you, please call our emergency hotline at 800-736-1060.  We are here to help everyone.

Our programs and services include the community’s only 24-hour Helpline, emergency shelter, information & referral, court and hospital accompaniment, education, creation of a safety plan, legal advocacy, and therapy and support services.  We help you with short-term safety and help you on the path to peace and empowerment.  All services are free of charge and provided in both English and Spanish.

Education. Our Advocates are trained to educate clients on intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Your advocate will help you identify and assess the danger of your situation.

Motivation. An advocate will offer options and suggestions to help you empower yourself! We will work with you, without judging you, to help you move towards a safe and productive life.

Protective Orders. An Advocate can help you get temporary protective/restraining orders (TRO) and create a safety plan for you and your family.

Offer Support. Our Advocates will help you to help yourself. An advocate will accompany you to courts, hospitals and law enforcement agencies. An Advocate can also refer you to our Legal Advocate who can assist you with the preparation of court documents.

Women’s Support Groups. Our Bilingual Advocates guide support groups for individuals affected by unfortunate acts of family violence.  For more information call 775-298-0010.

Emergency 24-hour helpline. Call 1-800-736-1060 anytime to speak with trained staff and volunteers. Our offices in Kings Beach, Incline Village, and Truckee are open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Resources. Our Advocates have many resources to offer you.  An advocate will help you seek out resources that are suitable for you and your families needs.

You can make a difference in our fight to end violence and abuse!  Donate or volunteer today.  Join the movement!

Need Help Now? Call Our 24-hour Community Helpline:

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