Rape is a degrading, humiliating experience. Here are shared, common reactions to this violent crime.  You are not alone!

  • SHOCK: I feel so numb. Why am I so calm? Why can’t I cry? Why me?
  • DISBELIEF: Did it really happen? It wasn’t really rape.
  • SHAME: I feel so dirty, like there is something wrong with me now.
  • GUILT: I feel as I did something to make this happen to me. If I had only…
  • DEPRESSION: How am I going to go on? I feel so tired and hopeless. Will I ever feel in control again?
  • DISORIENTATION: I can’t sit still. I’m having trouble getting through the day. I’m just overwhelmed! I keep having flashbacks.
  • FEAR: Will I get pregnant? Will I get AIDS? Am I safe? Can people tell what’s happened to me? Will I ever want to be intimate again? Will I ever get over this? I’m afraid I’m going crazy. I have nightmares that terrify me.
  • ANXIETY: I’m a nervous wreck! I have trouble breathing. (Anxiety is often expressed in physical symptoms like difficulty breathing, muscle tension, sleep disturbance, change in eating habits, nausea and stomach problems.)
  • ANGER: I want to KILL him!

Remember you are not alone!

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