Tahoe SAFE Alliance has a diversified fundraising strategy that best helps us accomplish our goals and objectives and fulfills our mission.  This includes funds from state, federal and private foundations, individuals and local businesses, fundraising events, and friendraisers.

Our Fundraising Philosophy

We believe that the responsibility of fundraising should be shared among staff, board members and volunteers.  We provide meaningful opportunities for staff, board, volunteers, donors, and community members to become actively involved in raising funds and supporting Tahoe SAFE Alliance. It is our role to provide all participants with the skills or motivation they need to succeed.  Because no matter how much money we raise, at the end of the year the funds are well allocated and well spent and the energy, excitement and sense of shared purpose is what is left.  At Tahoe SAFE Alliance, we have developed an amazing fundraising program that is built not on the heroic and solitary efforts of any one individual, but on the active support, participation and passion of many.

Tahoe SAFE Alliance recognizes that no one person can carry out all of the development tasks of our organization.  We believe in working collaboratively with the community, businesses,and our partner ally’s.

Get involved with Tahoe SAFE Alliance’s fundraising efforts

  1. Write thank you notes to donors, volunteers, and anyone who has gone out of their way for the organization
  2. Work on fundraising events, from serving on a planning committee, to all the work that has to be done beforehand, through set-up, to all post-event activities
  3. Update the agency web site
  4. Hold a house party and invite family, friends, neighbors, business associates and tell them about our agency and its mission.  Ask them to donate, be a member, or make a list of 5 people that might be interested in our mission
  5. Plan a fundraiser using your Facebook page
  6. Write articles for or edit the quarterly donor newsletter
  7. Conduct research about potential donors and businesses
  8. Proofread fundraising letters, the bi-annual agency newsletter, annual report, etc.
  9. Make a list of friends that might be interested in the agency and add their name to the next appeal, or write them a personal solicitation
  10. Research and compile a list of people who might be interested in the agency, either as a donor, volunteer, host of a fundraiser, or able to open doors with others that may be interested in our mission
  11. Help us with bi-annual appeals through list management, labels, stuffing and sorting
  12. Research potential grant opportunities.

You can help us keep our families, schools, and community safe.  Partner with Tahoe SAFE Alliance and join the ground breaking movement to Stopping Abuse for EVERYONE!  Donate, Volunteer or become a member!



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