Planned giving.  What is it?

Your death- it is not something you like to think about. However, if you don’t make your decisions now, someone else will make them for you later.  Please consider Tahoe SAFE Alliance when planning a donation to a not-for-profit organization.

Give a gift that will help to affect positive change in your community.

Why give to Tahoe SAFE Alliance?

Your dollars will help us provide:

  • 24-Hour Community Helpline
  • Shelter for women and children fleeing intimate partner violence situation
  • Legal assistance and support
  • Food, gas vouchers and other support resources
  • Individual and group counseling services for victims and their children
  • Hospital and court accompaniment
  • Prevention education to school children, businesses and community members

Estate Planning Options:

Fields of Interest – This Planned Giving Program option establishes a fund in the donor’s name to benefit a cause the donor holds dear (Safe House, Children’s Program, Advocacy and Support, Prevention Education).

Unrestricted Gifts – Allows Tahoe SAFE Alliance the flexibility to respond to vital needs as times change.

Bequests – This Planned Giving Program option allows you to give cash, securities, personal property and/or real estate.

Charitable Remainder Trust – Eliminating or substantially reducing estate and capital gains taxes can be accomplished by contributing an asset to a Charitable Remainder Trust.  You will continue to receive income generated from the asset, and upon death have the remaining value of that asset pass to the organization.

Securities – Gift securities (most common forms are bonds and common and preferred stock).  Your estate will maximize deductions and avoid capital gains tax.

Life Insurance – Life insurance protection that is no longer needed can be used to create a charitable endowment, avoiding costly estate taxes.

Contact your financial planner, accountant, or an attorney for guidance on the Tahoe SAFE Alliance Planned Giving Program.

Disclaimer:  Tahoe SAFE Alliance does not provide tax, legal, insurance, estate planning or investment advice, nor is any of the content contained in this web site intended to constitute any such advice.  Always consult with a financial planner, accountant, attorney or other professional of your choosing.

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