Tahoe SAFE Alliance uses Pet Therapy as a valuable tool in helping children heal from trauma, improve mental health, and build empathy for others.

Pet Therapy is a collaboration between Tahoe SAFE Alliance and The Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe (HSTT).  The Humane Society provides the pet therapy dogs and their handlers.  The dogs are certified Canine Good Citizens and complete training through the Humane Society with their human handlers.

The group covers a variety of humane issues as well as structured time for the children to interact with the dogs.  Participants will learn about pet care, signs of animal maltreatment, animal communication, and overpopulation.  Discussions will also focus on how animal maltreatment relates to the participants own maltreatment.  It is hoped that the experiences in this group will help the children grow into future responsible pet owners, empower them to speak out if an animal or human is mistreated, and simply feel good about themselves.

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